Green Fee Offers
Special Green Fee Offer

Green Fee Offers

Winter 2023/2024

Availability A: 01.10.2023 - 30.04.2024 (except B)

Availability B: 24.12.2023 - 04.01.2024

Golf Course18 holes (A)*9 holes (A)**18 holes (B)*9 holes (B)**
Maspalomas Golf119,00€71,00€119,00€71,00€
Meloneras Golf119,00€71,00€119,00€71,00€
Salobre Golf Old Course115,00 €69,00€115,00€69,00€
Salobre New Coursen/a69,00€n/a69,00€
Anfi Tauro119,00€71,00€119,00 €71,00€
Real Golf Club de Las Palmas106,00€68,00€111,00€68,00€

*Green Fee - 18 holes

**Green Fee - 9 holes


Summer 2024

Availability: 01.05.2024 - 30.09.2024

Golf Course18 holes*9 holes**
Maspalomas Golf72,00€43,00€
Meloneras Golf72,00€43,00€
Salobre Golf Old Course71,00€42,00€
Salobre Golf New Course71,00€42,00€
Anfi Tauro72,00€43,00€
Real Golf Club de Las Palmas71,00 €42,00 €

*Green Fee - 18 holes

**Green Fee - 9 holes


Reduced green fees for guests of Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia in Gran Canaria

Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia guests can, of course, take advantage of reduced Green Fees on all the island's golf courses which are members of the Gran Canaria Golf Association. We will happy to book tee-off times for you or organise transport to the course. As a member of the Gran Canaria Golf Association we can also make special offers and rates available to you.

For more information about golf in Gran Canaria please see: Gran Canaria Golf

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