Meet our chef
Executive Chef Wolfgang Grobauer

Meet our chef

Renowned executive chef Wolfgang Grobauer

Our chef Wolfgang Grobauer has been delighting our guests at Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia with his delicious gourmet dishes since 2011.  Here we present you with the opportunity to get to know him a little better. 

Grobauer was born in Zurich into a family of passionate restaurateurs and grew up in Munich. He learned his craft at the legendary Grand Hotel Continental of the Bavarian capital.

He continued his culinary education with two of Germany’s most acclaimed chefs: Josef Viehauser (Restaurant Le Canard, Hamburg) and Otto Koch (Restaurant Le Gourmet, Munich).  From there he continued his training in France with the internationally acclaimed star cook Jacques Maximin at Nice's finest restaurant, Le Chantecler of Hotel Negresco.

Back in Hamburg and as a chef at the traditional country inn Landhaus Dill he was awarded his first Michelin star. Another star was soon to follow for his work at Cöllns Austerstuben, a true classic of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. He held this star for nearly a decade until the year 2000, when he left Cöllns Austerstuben.

After many years in Germany he was again drawn by the irresistible charms of the Mediterranean and relocated to Baie de Santa Giulia, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, where he also obtained a Michelin Star accolade for his cuisine at the Restaurant U Santa Maria.

Several positions at the infamous seafood restaurant Le Dôme in Paris represented the next milestone in his career. Most recently Grobauer was the man behind the acclaimed Mediterranean fusion cuisine of Rabat’s finest restaurant, the Villa Mandarin.

Deeply influenced by superstar chefs Otto Koch and Jacques Maximin and his many years in France, Grobauer’s culinary preferences are clearly francophile. After several years on the Canary Islands he has also added classic Spanish plates to his repertoire. Therefore his interpretations of quintessential dishes such as salade niçoise, 2-course bouillabaisse menuropa vieja, variations of ibérico or the 5-course lobster menu are a must on the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia a la carte menu.

Being a perfectionist, his new creations require weeks of preliminary work, including sketches on a piece of paper and experiments with different ingredients and cooking techniques. Even if a dish has finally made it to the menu, Grobauer continues to tweak it searching for perfection.  

As a culinary trend Grobauer predicts a shift towards simplicity and the purity of flavours. Said trend is also reflected in the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia Cuisine: it is Mediterranean, fresh, light and innovative. Traditional recipes are reinterpreted and the cooking times adapted to contemporary practice. Chef Grobauer and his team of 30 put special emphasis on the quality and origin of the produce. All dishes are prepared with first class ingredients, preferably organic and locally sourced. Fruits and vegetables originate from a local finca in Montaña la Data, beef from Asturias and lamb from Segovia.  

To inspire you and further increase the anticipation for your next gourmet holiday, you can now download a current sample of our menu card here: 

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