skin peeling at Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia


Rejuvenate your skin with our wide range of exfoliation treatments

Treat your skin to an intensive peeling treatment at our luxury hotel Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia. Join us for a peeling session in our spacious spa and we will help you to cleanse and nourish your skin, applying only the very best: bamboo fibre, exotic oils, minerals, mild fruit acids, vitamins, herbs, healing earth and sea salts.

Refreshing Scrub - 25 min.45€

To cleanse and nurture the skin. With the scent of your choice: lemon, mandarin, coconut or cherry.

Bamboo Scrub - 25 min.45€

A pleasant scrub with bamboo fibres and exotic oils. Especially recommended for sensitive skins.

Sea Salt and Oil Scrub  - 25 min.45€

Rosemary-scented. Stimulates the circulation, recommended for very dry skins.

Charme D'Orient Du Nil - 45 min.79€

Intense full body scrub in the Rasul steam bath with black soap and medicinal clay. Strengthens tissues, improves muscle tone and stimulates metabolism.

Detox Scrub With Alum Stone - 25 min.45€

100 % natural alum stone. Helps eliminate aluminium, regulates water and mineral loss and cleanses the connective tissue.

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