Mental and Physical benefits

Exquisite massage treatments await you in the spa resort at Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia, with massages of every kind to reduce stress, physical tension and muscular strain.

A massage treatment has a range of positive physical and psychological effects. Among other benefits it reduces physical tensions and prevents muscular strain. Treat yourself to a visit to our spa resort in Gran Canaria.

Lymphatic drainage - 50 min > 89€

Unblocks the lymphatic vessels and activates flow.

Nepalse Massege With Singing Bowls - 50 min > 75€

Especially recommended to relieve stress. Focusing on the sound and vibration of the bowls makes the mind relax.

Volcanic stone massage - 50 min > 85€

This treatment provides a very special wellbeing experience. Body massage with mandarin oil and warm volcanic stones passed along the meridians.

Pantai Luar - 55 min > 119€

A traditional body treatment from the Far East. Carefully prepared medical herbs in small bags are heated to 120º C with Pantai oil and then used for a deep tissue massage in very fast movements. Offers deep relaxation and alleviates contractions.

Pantai Relax - 45 min > 79€

Relaxing treatment especially for the back and legs. With steam and selected herbs and oils.

Shiatsu - 50 min > 85€

Japanese method of acupressure along the meridians. Relieves pain, contractions and symptoms of illnesses.

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