Body Wraps
Body wraps room of Spa Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia

Body Wraps

Feel like a star

At the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia spa you will feel like Cleopatra, who used body wraps thousands of years ago for a well-nourished and supple skin. You too can enjoy this effect and allow yourself to be pampered with high quality skin-care products: oils such as evening primrose oil, natural mud, fango, seaweed and aloe vera are only a few of these.

Wrap with cream of evening primrose oil - 25 min.49€

Pure cream of evening primrose oil, recommended for psoriasis, eczema and sensitive skin.

Royal Cream wrap - 25 min.45€

Wrap to care for the skin, moisturising it with precious oils, honey and royal jelly.

Natural mud wrap - 25 min.35€

Localized wrap (depending on medical history), especially recommended for arthritis.

Seaweed wrap - 25 min.45€

Seaweed has slimming and purifying effects while firming tissues.

Medicinal Red Clay - 25 min.35€

Localised wrap (depending on medical history) with an anti-inflammatory effect.

Aloe vera wrap - 25 min.39€

For sun damaged skin, a soothing wrap with the Canary Islands aloe vera.

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