Facial treatments
Facial treatments

Facial treatments

We dispose of a wide variety of procedures to improve the texture and softness of the cutis

We apply hydrating treatments, peelings, eyebrow correction, serums, face masks and massages. Choose from the following selection of cosmetic treatments in our luxury hotel on Gran Canaria, the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia.

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Beauty Collection for Her and for Him

Exfoliation scrub, cleansing, eyebrow shaping, serum, massage, mask, and moisturizing with sun protection.

Moisturizing treatment - 80 min. 119€

Oxygen breathing treatment - 80 min. 119€


Lifting-Express - 45 min. 68€

Intense facial peeling scrub and cooling anti-aging-seaweed-mask.

3D Collagen Shock - 80 min. 159€

Look younger by alternative treatments with collagen flash.

Micro-Lift - 80 min. 179€

Intensive firming and filling up of wrinkles by manual lifting technology.

Short Facial Treatments

Diamond Lighting System - 50 min. 79€

Facial treatment for old age spots.

After Sun Treatment - 45 min. 59€

For sun damaged skin.

Vital Eyes Treatment - 30 min. 45€ / 3 x 30 min. 129€

Specifically for the eye contour area.

More information: spa@grand-hotel-residencia.com